• Duct Connectors                                                                                                          

    • Custom made to your requirements
    • Round or Square
    • Reducers
    • Flanged
    • Sleeve Type
    • Multiple Anchor

    Mercer duct connectors are not to be confused with wrap around Fiberglass or other lightweight materials used in heating and ventilating systems. Our handbuilt duct connectors are another heavy duty industrial product. They can be used in high pressure, high temperature air applications or where the gas is some industrial by product that is highly corrosive and the duct connector must be leak proof.

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    Duct connectors can be round conical, rectangular, or square, fabricated as reducers or in some cases the transition piece from rectangular or square to round ducts. Flanged connectors are furnished with steel back up rings or plates, and where the outside exposure demands it, steel may be hot dipped galvanized or fabricated from stainless steel. Since there are no standard duct flanges, they are usually drilled to specific drawings. In some cases, the mating flanges cannot be properly measured, or the existing holes follow no particular pattern, we furnish the assemblies with both the rubber and retaining flanges undrilled for drilling in the field.

    Rather than flanged ends, we often supply slip on designs that are clamped or banded. Depending on the specified movements, the body of the expansion joint may have an arch or arches similar to piping expansion joints or they may be straight or ballooned.

    Mercer Rubber joints do not get up to high enough temperatures for applications in boiler breaching, but they are used in a temperature range as high as 400 F and commonly located in the hot high pressure duct work in waste water and sewage treatment plants. They are used throughout the chemical industry, and we have supplied diameters as large as 145" for wind tunnels at both military and civilian research centers.

    If you need an unusual duct connector, send the inquiry on to us. It is most likely we can build to your exact specifications and provide just what is needed.

    Picture 1 – A rectangular heavy duty flexible duct connector installed in the top horizontal discharge of a boiler forced draft blower. Pressure 12psi.
    Picture 2 – Concentric reducers installed in the suction and discharge air connections of a positive displacement high pressure blower, reduce stress to the flanges and facilitate hook-ups.
    Picture 3 – Round duct connectors installed in the duct work of a sewage treatment plant allow for major hot duct expansion.