Series 100 Vibraflex Reinforced Rubber Pipe

• Any Length
• Eliminate Noise & Vibration
• Built with Offsets
• High Pressure

Vibraflex reinforced rubber pipe is often described as rubber flanged hose. The cross section is very similar to that of the straight portion of an expansion joint starting with the tube multi-layers of tire cord, spiral wire reinforcement or individual steel rings for very high pressures and greater flexibility. Cover plies protect the construction and the outside surface is a tough resilient cover.
While hoses are not specifically designed for expansion and compression, in effect the rubber carcass can stand some expansion and compression since none of the steel reinforcement runs parallel to the axis. Transverse movements are dependent on the length and rubber pipe is commonly used for misalignment problems or continuous transverse motion. They can be built with major offsets as well.
Our Vibraflex pipe utilizes all of the materials mentioned earlier, and we specialize in hoses for abrasive service. They may have Hypalon® liners, but more commonly pure gum rubber stock made to thicknesses of as much as 3/4", particularly for the mining industry.
We can match any flange or the hoses can be built with oversized cuff like slip on ends for clamping or banding in place.
Another common variation is built in nipples for screw or welded connections. Some hoses are just simple slip ons.
We are very proud to have manufactured hoses with arches at each end and built in nipples as large as 72" in diameter and 8 foot long for transverse motion of plus or minus 8". These hoses were buried deep under ground to supply water systems in cities as far removed as Bangkok.
Let us help you with these interesting applications. Diameter is never a problem and we commonly build 10 and 12 foot lengths.

Picture 1– Series 100 flexible hose installed in a cooling tower return line. Notice the major vertical displacement to
compensate for the misaligned piping.
Picture 2– A 40" diameter series 100 hose installed in the suction line, drawing river water into condenser cooling service.

Metallic Hoses

There are times when because of temperature or some other reason a rubber hose will not handle the problem. Therefore, Mercer handles a complete line of braided flexible connectors as well as stainless steel expansion joints. If we do not manufacture the particular product that you need, we are able to source these products throughout the United States as well as Overseas. We have filled many applications, both here and abroad for unusual product.

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