The Mercer Rubber Company

Mercer Rubber Company, established in 1866, is the oldest U.S. manufacturer of rubber expansion joints, flexible duct connectors and industrial hose. With five engineers on our staff, two of whom have professional licenses, Mercer has successfully analyzed and designed a wide range of products for demanding applications. Our specialty is developing custom products for a specific job, from a single small joint to hundreds of large diameter joints needed for power generating projects.

Mercer has extensive experience in the Power, Waste Water treatment, Industrial and Chemical Industries, as well as HVAC Commercial and Marine work. These customers rely on Mercer products for high reliability and a long, virtually maintenance free life.

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Have a Large Project?

Our professional engineering team can provide you with a uniquely designed solution. With over 100 years of experience, Mercer Rubber is more than capable of handling large and complex projects.

Water & Waste Water

Applications range from pump stations, backwash lines, dewatering discharge, and more.


Power applications range from cooling towers (usually 48”-108” diameters), pumps and all pipe runs.


Inlet and outlet pumps, we use Teflon expansion joints between fiberglass tanks to absorb misalignment.


Ballast systems, circulating water & propulsion engines require to withstand turbulence & corrosion.

Pulp & Paper

Applications require durable, non-corrosive materials that hold under higher pressures & temperatures.


Extraction of minerals, non-renewable resources. Conditions can be harsh, due to volatile materials.

Food Processing

Food Processing applications require Food Grade materials or Teflon lined expansions joints.


Heating & air conditioning lines require lightweight duct connectors ranging from round to rectangular design.

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