Mason-Mercer Front Office

Principles of Our Work

  • Precision with every product.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Transparency with our contractors.
  • Efficiency and time management gets the job done faster.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Project Support
  • Excellent Customer Service

Our History

Mercer Rubber Company, established in 1866, is the oldest U.S. manufacturer of rubber expansion joints, flexible duct connectors and industrial hose. With five engineers on our staff, two of whom have professional licenses, Mercer has successfully analyzed and designed a wide range of products for demanding applications. Our specialty is developing custom products for a specific job, from a single small joint to hundreds of large diameter joints needed for power generating projects.

Mercer has extensive experience in the Power, Waste Water treatment, Industrial and Chemical Industries, as well as HVAC Commercial and Marine work. These customers rely on Mercer products for high reliability and a long, virtually maintenance free life.

Mercer Rubber Company is a privately owned business and is a subsidiary of Mason Industries, Inc. Mason Industries acquired Mercer in 1984 and it was Mason’s engineering capabilities which are responsible for our tremendous growth over the past decade. In 1993 Mercer moved the entire operation from the original location in Trenton, New Jersey, where it had been for nearly 130 years, to a highly modernized facility in Hauppauge, New York. This was not a simple undertaking and involved over two years of planning and preparation, as well as a capital investment unequalled in the industry.

Every aspect of production was modernized and improved.  The Mill Room now includes high performance mixing equipment, direct drive full size mills, calenders and extruders.

Our automated bias cutter cuts frictioned tire cord at precise angles and widths.  This ensures that our engineered standards, derived from calculations and verified with testing, are maintained on a consistent basis.

The company has also improved its building stations, where the product is hand-built by layering uncured rubber, fractioned tire cord, wire and steel reinforcements on a mandrel to form a composite product.  The flexibility and automation of these work stations lets Mercer build a wider range of products in a single machine more quickly, which improves overall output.  We have has also doubled the number of work stations and these combined factors have increased our overall production capabilities by a factor of three from the old factory.

The largest quality improvement in the Mercer facility is the all steam curing process. A 10 foot and a 12 foot diameter steam autoclave vulcanize the elastomeric product at 50 psig and 300˚F. This ensures that the product has the highest quality bond and is truly considered a homogenous composite for joints up to 128”.  We have also added a concrete steam curing pit which has the ability to steam cure huge rubber expansion joints having full faced flanges as large as 168”ID or floating flanges up to 180”ID as well as rectangular duct joints up to 180”square. We believe this is the largest steam curing system in the United States.

Mercer has always been known as a high quality rubber manufacturer and we are committed to continuing the tradition of excellence in our products and our customer service.