Expansion joints installed in piping systems must be anchored on both sides of the joints to avoid the use of control rods. If control rods are installed as a safety measure, the locking nuts must be backed off with a clearance equal to the specified axial movement. The expansion joint will exert thrust on the anchors.

Material & Operating Temperatures
FCR 501
Tube Cover Max Oper. Temp.
B Butyl Butyl 250°F
H Hypalon Hypalon 225°F
HN Hypalon Neoprene 225°F
N Neoprene Neoprene 225°F
NH Neoprene Hypalon 225°F
Ni Nitrile Nitrile 210°F
NiN Nitrile Neoprene 210°F
NR Neoprene Natural 225°F
R Natural Natural 180°F
RN Natural Neoprene 180°F
V Viton® Viton® 250°F